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Applying the Principles of Flow to Non Dependent Resources

This presentation explains how to apply the principles of flow to situations where the resources are working in parallel and the fluctuation of task time is huge (and where there is no way to use capacity or time to control them). Originally develope ...

Matías Birrell
28 minutes
DBR implementations in multiple distribution centers

Case study for TOC DBR implemenation at Intel's distribution centers (factory warehouses and distribution centers). Includes pull for TPS/ Lean & SPC (statistical process control) and reporting tools, and summary of results achieved. Presented&nb ...

C. Grant Lindsay
35 minutes
Evaporating Cash Constraint

Sometimes organizations face a life threatening situation when they are about to run out of cash. This presentation shares some unconventional ways to overcome this constraint within a very short period of time. In most case it should be possible t ...

Ravi Gilani
40 minutes
Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt: Management Attention

The ultimate constraint for any business is not money or a machine or technology. It is the management's available capacity. Management's attention is consumed by three main challenges: uncertainty, conflicts and complexity. What is the right wa ...

Yishai Ashlag
10 minutes
TOC for Personal Growth

Richard shares his perspective of the use of TOC and the Thinking Process tools for personal development. He specifically shows specific examples of common conflicts used to understand behaviour. He developed what he calls the Model of Behavioural Ch ...

Richard Wentzel
29 minutes
A vertically integrated Supply Chain case

This is a Case study of how LeTourneau Technologies Inc. applies TOC to systematically tackle its supply chain across all market segments to increase visibility, velocity and flow. Inclues detailed history of implementation and le ...

Debra A. Smith
44 minutes

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