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My Viable Vision for Throughput Accounting

Eli Schragenheim presents the TOC concept for "Throughput Accounting", the need, the assumptions, the benefits, the limitations, and missing elements that, from his perspective, are required but have not been addressed. Eli proposes a way f ...

Eli Schragenheim
53 minutes
Keeping correct inventory levels – Buffer Management

In this extract from the Goldratt's Strategy and Tactics for MTS to MTA Goldratt presents and explains the concepts behind Buffer Management as the robust mechanism to adjust inventory targets, ensuring relatively low levels of inventory coupled wi ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
17 minutes
Available in: English Español
Sales Growth With Perfect Execution

Operational excellence is a solid foundation for ongoing improvement. This presentation shows how to integrate buffers, measurements, and process to have nearly perfect on time delivery performance. Managers need the right kind of information and beh ...

Mark Woeppel
30 minutes
TOC, Lean and Six Sigma (TLS) continuous improvement trio

This presentation provides an overview of 3 continuos improvement models, and a case study & designed experiment comparing the effects of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma. Introduction to TOC, Lean and Six Sigma (TLS) Model, how it works and lessons lea ...

Russ Pirasteh
29 minutes

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