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Example Introduction Hitachi Tool

Hitachi Tool Engineering shares its experience from the introduction of TOC into its production process in 2000.

Takeshi Matsuno
44 minutes
Delta Air Lines, Inc. - Meeting challenges in engine maintenance

A case study in which is presented how the engine maintenance operations from Delta Air Lines improved its results dramatically by implementing Theory of Constraints to create plans with buffers, control WIP and manage with the buffers.mro_summit_201 ...

Gary Adams
31 minutes
The Goldratt S&T (GST) on Project Management(CCPM) - Session 3 Execution

In the third session of the program, formaly known as the Webcast Program, Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt goes into: Task Status reporting (expected completion), Task Management (managing according to priorities), Project Management, Top Management (p ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
119 minutes
Available in: English Español
Against the  odds TOC in private equity world

Case study for applying TOC to make acquisitions more feasible and attractive. Potential and reserves were found where others saw only weaknesses and threats. The acquisition was successful due to a 4-stage integration project and disciplined, swift ...

Mark Stemberger
27 minutes
Facing Inconsistencies... System Boundaries and The Constraint

Under the instructions of Dr. Goldratt, the Odyssey Alumni (San Jose, TX) examined the inconsistencies faced by TOC starting with the four aspects of change and looked for the direction which will release the inherent potential in managing organizati ...

Mario Gil
28 minutes

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