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Do we need the TP to implement the S&T Trees?

After having developed the S&T Tree tool as part of the TOC thinking prcesses, the TOC practitioners asked Dr. Goldratt wether the usage of the other Thinking Process is a requirement to the use the S&T Tree. Presented during the Theory of Co ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
4 minutes
1. Operations - DBR and Buffer Management

How can we replicate Alex Rogo's achievements described in the book, The Goal? The key lies in the ability to transform production from the prevailing cost-world mentality into the common sense approach of the throughput-world mentality to deduce the ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
163 minutes
Available in: English Español 日本語 Русский 繁體中文
Standing on the Shoulders of TOC to Impact an ENTIRE NATION

This presentation is a Thinking Process analysis of Japan as a nation. The core problems in Japan are similar to the core problems of other nations: domestic manufacturing is falling, incomes are going down, national debt is rising and healthcare sys ...

Kathy Suerken
30 minutes
TOC Distribution - Pushing the BOK

TOC Distribution Solution applied to a $7b international retailer and brand and to a $30m US distributor and a $9b manufacturer. Yes, the same method works equally well for both. Risk factors are concentrating on the solution over getting buy-in, t ...

Gerald Kendall
88 minutes
Depth on the Managerial Bench

John presents another critical aspect of sustaining growth. He claims that it is not enough to claim Management Attention as a constraint. John shows that “collaboration” should become the greatest business strategy for sustainable growth ...

John L. Thompson
28 minutes

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