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Manufacturing Insights with the Theory of Constraints - Meeting Customer Demand with Synchronized Production

by Society of Manufacturing Engineers  

This video introduces the use of the Theory of Constraints in production scheduling to meet customer demand. Three companies that have successfully applied the TOC demonstrate how the theory's five focusing steps can infuse continuous improvement into the culture of an organization.

Brenco has practiced the theory for many years, synchronizing production to supply millions of roller bearings to the global railroad industry. Dixie Iron Works uses the theory to remain highly responsive to customer demand without carrying the high inventory levels traditionally found in their industry. Monroe Table Co. implemented the theory in a manufacturing environment that had not seen significant change in more than 40 years, and consequently increased the assembly of finished tables by more than 30%. Dr. David Bergland, a consultant and professor provides additional insight into the Theory of Constraints.
© Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Duration: 35 minutes
Level of knowledge
  • Introductory
  • Operations/Production
TOC Applications:
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope
  • Five Focusing Steps
  • Manufacturing

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