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2011 TOCICO Two Day Eli Goldratt Upgrade Workshop - Day 1, Part 3

In this third part of the first day of Eli Goldratt's Upgrade Session, Lisa Scheinkopf shows how much we have underestimated multitasking in project environments and the devastating effects that it causes. Using the process of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, the assumptions behind multitasking are revisited and new insights (especially under the concept of "freeze") emerge that need to be inlcuded as part of the full TOC Solution for Project Management.
Duration: 42 minutes
Released: 1970
Level of knowledge
  • Advanced
  • Project Management
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Buffer Management
  • Critical Chain
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology / Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Public sector
  • Services

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