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Leveraging TOC for Breakthrough Results in Mergers & Acquisitions

Learn how Godrej Consumer Products, a large Indian multinational, has leveraged TOC to identify potential upsides in their acquisitions to early success in their M&A integration. Dr. Sinha and Mr. Jagannath talk about how the company is using TOC sol ...

Dr. Rakesh Sinha
Radhakrishna Jagannath
47 minutes
Viable Vision

Goldratt provides an overview of the basics behind the concept of the Viable Vision process for companies to reach profitability levels its management team currently believes impossible to achieve - year after year.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
8 minutes
Available in: English Español 简体中文
Three legs of TOC implementations

In this video Dr. Eli Goldratt explains the pradigms through which the TOC implementation go or should go, starting with the change from local vs global, continuing with the concept of strategy and the importance of creating and exploiting a decisive ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
25 minutes
How to Do MORE with LESS in LESS TIME?

Insights on developing a simplified TOC analysis apprach to achieve these objectives (do MORE with LESS in LESS Time) within the Public Sector. Case study presented during the TOCICO International Conference (Las Vegas, November 2 ...

Dr. Alan Barnard
50 minutes

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